Alldred, Arthur Egbert



Private Arthur Egbert Alldred 276631 — ACTIVE SERVICE (World War I)

On March 1, 1917 Arthur Egbert Alldred completed the Attestation Paper for the Canadian Army, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Overseas in Regina, Saskatchewan. He was 27 years, 11 months old when, as a single man, he was enlisted for the duration of the War. Arthur was born in Scugog Township, Ontario and gave his birth-date as April 4, 1889. His File indicated he did not belong to an Active Militia; lived at 1869 Halifax St., Regina Saskatchewan and that he had served in a Militia or Military Force, namely the Port Perry Cadet Corps. There is nothing on his File to indicate where he was educated or to what level. Arthur Egbert gave his Trade as a School Teacher. He signed the Attestation Paper on March 1, 1917. He was 5′ 10½” tall, 35½” chest (expanded); his weight is not listed. He had a dark complexion with blue eyes and dark hair. Arthur Egbert’s Medical was done in Regina; his Medical Records indicate that he was deemed fit for Overseas duty with the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). Arthur Egbert’s next-of-kin was listed as his father, Philip Alldred living in Lakefield, Ontario. Arthur Egbert Alldred was taken on as a Private (Pte) with the 217th (Qu’Appelle) Overseas Battalion (Bn) on March 3, 1917 and was assigned Regimental Number 276631.

Pte Arthur Egbert Alldred was discharged due to his desertion from the 217th Overseas Bn and the Canadian Army, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Overseas. Pte Alldred was discharged as a consequence of desertion as deemed by a Court of Enquiry.

The family headstone in Lakefield Cemetery indicates that Arthur Egbert died September 30, 1918 aged 29 years; a member of Company B, 361st Regiment, US Army and was Killed in action near Epionville, France.

From this evidence and the fact that the USA was about to enter WW I; it can be surmised that Arthur Egbert decided that he would rather go south and join an American unit. He probably enlisted in April 1917 and the rest is history.

Obviously there are many questions that need to be asked as to why a Canadian Military deserter’s name is etched on the Lakefield Cenotaph.

An excerpt from an article in Maclean’s by Barbara Ameil, September 1996:

The Military is the single calling in the world with job specifications that include a commitment to die for your nation. What could be more honorable.



Arthur Egbert Alldred was born to Philip Alldred and Margaret Ann Muirhead in Scugog Township, County of Ontario on April 4, 1889. The Alldred family was living on a farm in Scugog Township.

Arthur Egbert was a school teacher and while living in the Regina, Saskatchewan area he joined the Canadian 217th Canadian Infantry Battalion Canadian Expeditionary (CEF) Force on March 21, 1917. The family headstone in Lakefield Cemetery indicates that Arthur died September 30, 1918 aged 29 years; a member of Company B, 361st Regiment, US Army and Killed in action near Epionville, France.
Arthur’s father, Philip and his siblings had been living on George Street in Lakefield since 1915; the news of his death would have travelled through the Village quickly.


Arthur Egbert’s paternal grandparents were John Alldred and Bessie Holmes and Salmon and Fannie Muirhead were his maternal grandparents are unknown at this time.

Arthur Egbert’s parents, Philip Alldred, born February 9, 1848 in Ontario and Margaret Ann Muirhead, born about 1857. In 1901 they were living in Scugog Township with their family of three children; Ethel Matilda, Arthur Egbert and Hazel Fairbairn Alldred as well as Philip’s daughter Zuelume “Gertrude” from his previous marriage to Phoebe Jane McHoull of Scugog, on October 23, 1879 at Port Perry, Ontario. Phoebe died April 20, 1882 due to childbirth complications eight days after the birth of their daughter Zuelume “Gertrude” Alldred.

Margaret Ann died on January 12, 1897 of La Grippe (influenza) and was buried in the Nestleton United Church Cemetery. In 1915 Philip and his children moved to Lakefield and lived on George Street; Gertrude married Jabez Crosier in 1904, Ethel Matilda married Andrew Millar on September 1, 1917 but died from the Spanish flu on November 3, 1918. On December 27, 1920 Andrew Millar married Ethel’s younger sister Hazel Fairbairn who was a public school teacher. Hazel died of a heart attack in March 1943 age 43 years. Philip passed away on October 23, 1931 at the age of 83 years and is buried in the Lakefield Cemetery.