Wingett, Leonard



Private Leonard Charles Wingett – 195585 — ACTIVE SERVICE (World War I)

Leonard Charles Wingett was 34 years, 2 months and 18 days old when, as a married man, he was Attested on January 12, 1916, into the 93rd Battalion, Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force (CEF) at Peterborough, Ontario. Leonard Charles indicated that he was born October 25, 1881 in Greenich, London, England and he had no previous military service. His medical examination was done by Dr. J.H. Eastwood, Major with the 57th Regiment; he was considered fit for duty. Leonard Charles was 5′ 9½” tall, brown eyes, had a 39″ chest, dark brown hair and lived in Lakefield, Ontario. He indicated that his trade was as a labourer. Leonard Charles’ next-of-kin was listed as his wife, Jennie Wingett, of Lakefield, Ontario. On January 12, 1916 Leonard Charles became a member of the 93rd Battalion (Bn) and was assigned the rank of Private (Pte) and his Regimental Number, 195585.

Although not stated in his records, Pte Wingett was on extensive training with the 93rd Bn CEF from January 12, 1916 to about July 12, 1916. On July 15, 1916 he embarked at Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard the SS Empress of Britain and disembarked at Liverpool, England July 25, 1916.


Upon disembarking on July 25, 1916 Pte Wingett was appointed Acting Sergeant (A/Sgt) with pay at Otterpool, England. Although not stated in his records A/Sgt Wingett would have been engaged in additional training with the 93rd Bn CEF for the next 3 months. October 4, 1916 A/Sgt Wingett reverted to the permanent rank of Private at his own request. On October 6, 1916 Pte Wingett was transferred from the 93rd Bn and taken-on-strength to the 39th Bn CEF at West Sandling, England. October 19, 1916 Pte Wingett was transferred from the 39th Bn and attached to the Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre (CCAC) at Shoreham, England. He was taken-on-strength, on-command and attached from CCAC to the 39th Bn, West Sandling for PBD. Also on October 19, 1916 Pte Wingett had a medical examination at West Sandling which indicated that he had flat feet. The proceedings of a Medical Board on October 19, 1916 stated that Pte Wingett had very flat feet and can’t march long distances; he had the condition on enlistment.
December 4, 1916 Pte Wingett ceases to be attached to CCAC on transferred to the 64th Bn. December 7, 1916 Pte Wingett is attached to the 39th Bn for quarters and rations while in quarantine and taken-on-strength to the 64th Bn at Shoreham. Effective December 26, 1916 Pte Wingett is transferred to the Canadian Military Police, Headquarters Troops, Shoreham, England This was the initiation of Private Wingett’s 1 year, 7 months and 2 week association with the Military Police. He was appointed Acting Lance Corporal (A/L/Cpl) with effect on January 18, 1917. Also on January 18, 1917 A/L/Cpl Wingett is attached to the Corps of Military Police (CMP) for duty and the Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) for quarters, rations and pay at Shoreham. March 10, 1917 L/Cpl Wingett ceases to be on-command to the 6th Reserve Battalion at West Sandling Camp and is on-command to Garrison Military Police (GMP) Shoreham, then off-command to GMP Shoreham and then struck-off-strength on transfer to HQ Military Police (MP), Shoreham. On March 17, 1917 he was struck-off-strength from the 64th Bn and taken-on-strength to the 1st Eastern Ontario Regiment Depot (1st EORD) at Seaford, England. March 18, 1917 L/Cpl Wingett is struck-off-strength from the 1st EORD Seaford on transfer to the Assistant Provost Marshal (APM), Seaford, England. April 5, 1917 he was transferred to the 1st EORD at Seaford. July 21, 1917 L/Cpl Wingett was appointed to Acting Corporal (A/Cpl) without pay. Effective August 19, 1917 A/Cpl Wingett is appointed to A/Cpl with pay. October 30, 1917 he was attached from HQ, MP Shoreham. October 31, 1917 A/Cpl Wingett was struck-off-strength from HQ, MP and the Corps of Motor Transport, Army Service Corps (CMT), Shoreham and taken-on-strength to CMT, Bramshott, England.

November 26, 1917 A/Cpl Wingett reverts to Acting Lance Corporal (A/L/Cpl) at his own request in order to proceed overseas and on November 27, 1917 he is struck-off-strength from from HQ, MP and taken-on-strength with CMP, Shorncliffe, England. December 4, 1917 L/Cpl Wingett is attached to the Canadian Reserve Cavalry Regiment (CRCR) for quarters, rations and discipline. December 16, 1917 he ceases to be attached to CRCR and December 23, 1917 L/Cpl Wingett reverts to the rank of Private upon arrival in France; is reappointed Acting Corporal (A/Cpl) without pay and is with the Canadian General Base Depot (CGBD). December 24, 1917 he was struck-off-strength from CMP to proceed overseas to APM, France. Having arrived as a replacement A/Cpl Wingett is taken-on-strength with the Military Police (Canadian Corps). January 21, 1918 he is transferred to APM. February 6, 1918 A/Cpl Wingett arrived at CGBD “A”. June 4, 1918 A/Cpl Wingett is sent to the Canadian Corps Reinforcement (CCR) Camp.

August 11, 1918 A/Cpl Wingett arrived at CCR Camp. August 12, 1918 A/Cpl Wingett relinquishes his appointment of A/Cpl and once again is a Private in accordance with the Assistant Adjutant-General (AAG) Canadian Sector and is struck-off-strength from the Military Police (Canadian Corps) on transfer to the 21st Battalion (21st Bn). On August 13, 1918 Pte Wingett, under-command of the AAG Canadian Sector, is taken-on-strength with the 21st Bn in the Field. Just two weeks later Pte Wingett was killed in action on August 27, 1918; both the 1st EOR and the 21st Bn reported this event.

Private Leonard Charles Wingett earned the following medals:
British War Medal; and
Victory Medal.
He was also awarded the War Service Badge – CEF Class “A”.

Leonard Charles Wingett served: 6 months 3 days in Canada; about 1 year and 5 months in the United Kingdom and about 8 months in France for a total time of about 2 years and 7 months. During his time in the Service Leonard Charles allotted $25.00 Separation Allowance and $20.00 Assigned Pay per month to his wife, Jennie Wingett. Jennie would have also received Leonard Charles’ War Service gratuity of $100.00.

Private Leonard Charles Wingett is interred in a double grave in the Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery, Haucourt France. On Leonard Charles’ headstone his data is on the lower part of the headstone.
On December 20, 1917 L/Cpl Leonard Charles Wingett of the Canadian Military Police prepared a Military Will:

Perforated sheet for Will from Pay Book of Reg.
No. 195585
Name Leonard Wingett
Unit Canadian Military Police
Military Will

I L. Wingett leave all my
personal estate unto my wife
Mrs. Jennie Wingett and declare
This to be my last will.
Signature Leonard Wingett
Rank and Regt. L/C Can. Mil. Police
Date Dec 20th 1917
In June 1920 Mrs. Jennie Wingett of Lakefield, Ontario would have received all of Leonard Charles’ Medals & Decorations, Plaque & Scroll and Memorial Cross.

An excerpt from an article in McLean’s magazine by Barbara Amid, September 1996:

The military is the single calling in the world with job specifications that include a commitment to die for your nation. What could be more honorable?




Leonard Charles Wingett was born in Greenwich, London, England on October 25, 1881. Leonard married Janet (Jennie) Helena Kidd in Peterborough, Ontario on July 4, 1906. Jennie was born in September 1878, daughter of James M. Kidd and Margaret Ferguson. Leonard gave his occupation as a cement minder and belonged to the Church of England; Jennie was Baptist.

Leonard & Jennie had four children: Kenneth Cecil was born on February 23, 1907 and married Ruby Rumbelow who born in Minden, Ontario on May 20, 1902; Leonard Clarence, born June 3, 1909; William Henry, born August 9, 1911 and married Dora Mae Wilson and Margaret Doris Marguerite was born on July 21, 1913 and died of pneumonia October 22, 1914 at 7 W. Regent St., Lakefield (1 year, 3 months and 1 day old).

Note: Cecil and Ruby Wingett are the parents of Kenneth, Leonard and Raymond. Their grandmother is Janet (Jennie) Helena Wingett.

Leonard Charles’ parents were William Henry Wingett and Sarah Rawlings, both of the Church of England.